Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Songs: "And Now Let's See/What This New World Will Do For Me"

Here is my theory on Mondays. Most people absolutely hate them. Most people cannot sleep very well on Sunday nights {me included some of the time}. People often drag themselves to their respective workplaces armed with an overconsumption of caffeine {sidenote: it is my personal mission this summer to get my coworkers to stop drinking three energy drinks per day}. Real work often doesn't begin until noon due to the time it takes to wake up. And this waking-up-process is often done with frequent complaining because . . . it is Monday.

But think of it this way . . . IT'S MONDAY! It is the beginning of a new week. Or as Anne Shirley would say, "It's a new day with no mistakes in it." Think about how busy you will be coming off the weekend. Personally, I love busy work days. It's 100% better than being bored. Think about how much we could accomplish this week. Monday is a day for new resolution. New habits. New goals. New attitudes.

Segway into new goals. I know this woman. She is in her seventies. She has never learned how to put her face underwater {and be comfortable with it}. She works out at the pool . . . she just doesn't know how to swim. Yet there she is, signing up for private swimming lessons and learning how to put her face underwater. She gives meaning to the phrase that it's never too late to try something new.

I used to think that because I took a few years off after high school it was too late to begin post-secondary education. Haha, everyone will be rolling their eyes at me, but I seriously thought I would be "so old" when I graduated. Well, I am graduating next year, and I have never felt younger or freer or more sure of myself. Why? Because I embraced the new possibilities.

The other day I wrote about being alive. About living because we can. Today my motto is about not just living, but embracing the new. Embracing the unknown. Embrace the adventure. I love when life brings you moments you know are a "once-in-a-lifetime" moment. Because it gives me a chance to embrace it for all it's worth. The lyrics in the title come from Les Miserables {I promise all my lyrics won't be Broadway shows . . . then again, maybe I shouldn't}. It's from the piece "On Parole" after Valjean gets released from prison. Again, the entire song isn't necessarily applicable, but those lines are. So whether it is Monday, Friday, or just a bad day, embrace the new day, because you never know what it will do for you.

Happy Thursday!


Megan Colwell said... [Reply to comment]

My Monday was Wednesday. The first day back from my vacation. I tend to rock on Mondays, but the next day is lameville for me. Lots of coffee!

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