Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Songs: "I'm Alive/I'm Alive/I Am So Alive"

What kind of life do I want? I want life that is alive.

Well, what does that mean? I'm here to blog about that too. You see this is the beginning of the writing/song lyrics/journalling/thoughts-expressed-on-page series. Brother said that I should write more in my blogposts. That my blog was just pictures {don't worry, I gave him serious reprimand for that}. But his words still got me thinking. Should I write? Maybe the question is, can I write? I used to dream I would be an author when I grew up. I would spend hours writing fictional books when I was a little girl. I even researched how to get published. I don't remember when I stopped writing. But I guess I never have, you see I have always had a journal. I think I counted them one day, and they amounted to seventeen in total. Some of them are sad. Some are weird. Some are embarrassing {pretty sure I filled an entire journal about just one guy in my teenage crush years}. But all of them, every single one, are memories.

And so then, I started a blog. If you read my About page {shameless self promotion}, my last bullet point states: "I don't even remember why I started this blog, but I love how it has grown and changed and become something I truly cherish. " My very first blog post is about the movie How To Save A Life. I had just finished watching it on my laptop and decided that I . . .  me . . . little, ole Silver wanted to tell the interwebs how I felt about this movie. So the blog was born. At that time, it was called starTHINKer. Not quite sure why. I need to think these decisions through more thoroughly . . . clearly. I dabbled in writing but shortly after the blog was born, it became all about the 365 photo a day challenge. Then the blog was a photography/lifestyle blog. And let me say, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But Brother's words stirred something in me. Why don't I write?

So here I am . . . writing. I am literally laying on my stomach on my bed. The rain is softly trickling outside my always open window {as it has been doing all week}. The words of the song from the blogpost title are whistling around in my head. I am thinking about Harry Potter {mostly because I have been reading Half-Blood Prince all day}. I just got off the phone with my best friend who lives too far away. I spent the day cleaning our house and laughing with friends and family. Tomorrow is another day not too far away, but right now, I am writing.

And what am I writing about? Being alive. During that aforementioned phone call, my friend and I talked about grabbing life by the horns and living each and every day. It's about the little moments that we seize. I mean, YOLO . . . right? The big moments in life are amazing, but it's the little moments that create meaning. Think about it this way. Once a year, I usually go to a Christian conference or retreat or something. Those types of weekends are always awesome and amazing and life changing. But without the little daily devotions with the Lord. Without the prayers and small miracles. Without the constant interaction and community. I have nothing to sustain me. Little moments create meaning. 

So the song lyrics today are from the Broadway musical Next to Normal {amazing story, check it out sometime}. The song itself has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the blogpost, but those eight words in the chorus could be my life theme right now. 

I am alive, so I am going to live.

Happy Tuesday!