Saturday, June 01, 2013

30. your personality & 31. something beautiful

So, you may be wondering two things. First of all, why is this girl posting two picture-a-day-prompts in one day, and secondly, why is she doing these May photos in June???? Well, let me tell you, the photo prompt "your personality" stumped me right up until today, and that's the answer. It's my blog, I can do what I want, lol. 

But I really wanted to do this idea, but then of course my inner criticism started: "You can't post yourself for your personality or for something beautiful. What will people/bloggers think? You are so full of yourself." To those annoying little thoughts, I say "no". Let me explain.

To me, my personality = something beautiful. Why? Because I am unique. Because I am an individual. Because I am loved. Because I was made perfectly. Because I am not a mistake. Because my life has meaning. Because of God. All of our personalities are something beautiful, because of all those reasons I mentioned.

But here are some things about my personality that I love . . .
+ quirky
+ loyal
+ crazy 
+ thoughtful

I know. It's weird for someone to praise themselves. But we are too quick to criticize ourselves, instead of seeing the good. So let's find the parts of our personality that are something beautiful today!

Happy June!

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