Monday, May 06, 2013

OUAT: Second Star to the Right

Getting back on track with this second-to-last episode. I love, love, loved it! Can't wait for the season finale although I'm a bit apprehensive about the effects of this trigger. Let's talk "Second Star to the Right"!

  • Best Moment: Neal and Emma forever! Their little walk on the beach was endearing. When he admitted, "I wanted to go to jail for you" I knew Tamara was ancient history. They really do make a cute couple/family. I know there are a bunch of Emma & Hook shippers, and I'm not completely jumping off the bandwagon, but Neal and Emma {Neamma} have had some serious chemistry these past few episodes.
  • Worst Moment: Why is it that every time Emma gets close to a male, she looses him!?!?! Seriously, Graham kisses Emma. Goodbye Graham. Neal admits he loves Emma. Goodbye Neal. As much as the portal and him leaving is an intriguing story, it was a waste of the bean, and now they're separated!!!! *takes a couple minutes to collect self*
  • New Character Moment: I loved Wendy Darling, and I hope it's not the last we've seen of her {although it probably is}. She was a cutie and worked well with young Bae/Neal {now I'm curious as to how he developed into Neal Cassidy}.
  • Random Moment: Hello Dr. Whale. Goodbye Dr. Whale. It was cool how Bae pulled his dad out of the whole "kiss by boot" phase. He and Lacey are just a bit twisted . . . 
  • Duo Moment: David & Emma make a cool enforcement team. I'm glad they kept that storyline going. 
  • Storyline Moment: I'm not sure I'm a fan of this whole "failsafe trigger" storyline. It's somewhat convenient, and why haven't we heard anything of this before??? Just a bit out of character, if I may.
  • Intriguing Moment: Lacey found out about magic. Emile de Ravin is doing a splendid job of this character alto ego. Now she wants to stay young, get rid of this obstacle, and stay with Gold forever. 
  • Scary Moment: It was scary when Snow took the eye drops spell that linked her with Regina. She is trying to hard to make up for her blackened spot on her heart, it is touching. They truly are a forgiving couple. 
  • Confusing Moment: Who is this institution and others and believers that Greg and Tamara are working for??? They've destroyed magic in this world before???? I sense an interesting Season 3 storyline coming up.
  • FairyTale Moment: It's interesting that they turned the Peter Pan character into a shadow that trapped boys in Neverland. Equally interesting that Bae ended up on Hook's boat. Can't wait to see how that plays out.
  • Evil Moment: Glad Neal finally found out about Tamara. She's just annoying and cruel. It's crazy how she is completely opposite of Wendy and yet Neal has sided with them both at one point or another.
  • Sad Moment: I am sad that Regina killed Greg/Owen's dad, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for the person he's become . . . . But then, did he have a choice?? No one but these others {LOST much??} believed his ramblings about magic.
  • Cliffhanger Moment: Greg and Tamara have the failsafe trigger and have been instructed to destroy Storybrooke.
  • Next Episode: Season finale and Regina can't contain the trigger effects of destruction. 

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