Monday, April 22, 2013

OUAT: Lacey

Okay, whoever decided that season hiatuses were even a remotely good idea should really be fired. I would much rather have a shorter season run than year's worth of episodes that have three week breaks in between. I don't like the stop & go. All that to say, let's dive into last night's episode "Lacey".

  • Best Moment: Um, no argument here. The hands-down-winner-take-all moment was when Rumplestiltskin/Beast showed Belle the library. Best moment in the Disney movie. Best moment in tonight's episode. No questions. No rebuttals. Loved it! 
  • Worst Moment: Regina was back to her mean tricks. I felt so bad for Gold during a part of the episode. He really truly loves Belle {not Lacey}, and she brings out the best in him. Oh Regina. 
  • Dream Sequence Moment: We all know how much I dislike dream sequences . . . 
  • Cute Moment: Henry & Neal bonding over swordfighting. He really is taking this father stuff seriously. *heart currently melting*
  • New Character Moment: Tonight we got three new characters--Robin Hood, Marian, and Sheriff/Keith. Sheriff/Keith was just creepy, but I liked the Robin Hood & Marian twists. 
  • Annoying Moment: Greg & Tamara being all lovey-dovey and mapping out Storybrooke and talking in mysterious codes about a "package". I hate when villains are all mysterious. 
  • Promising Moment: David & MM taking Emma to see the fields of magic beans. Also Hurley/Anton!!!!
  • Hilarious Moment: Gold asking David to help him convince Belle/Lacey to fall in love with him. Then David accompanying Gold to The Rabbit Hole to help. Laugh Out Loud.
  • Creepy Moment: Rumple torturing Robin Hood. Not cool, bro.
  • Magic Moment: Both times Rumple/Gold took Keith/Sheriff's tongue it was well-deserved albeit not "his best self".
  • Yikes Moment: Lacey likes bad boy Mr. Gold. That's a little dark and twisted.
  • Frustrating Moment: You knew the second Emma mentioned that comment to Regina about "working on fixing things with herself and Henry before it's too late" that she had just given away their entire plan of returning to FairyTale World. Oh shucks. Guess our blonde saviour needs to work on her saving timing. And then voila, Regina found the magic beans field . . . 
  • Crossover Moment: "You are not who I thought you were, and I'm glad." Same line. Totally different contexts.
  • Best Line Moment: Neal-to-Emma, "Gave him a couple of bourbons. He's a lightweight." Funny guy.
  • Romance Moment: Since August W. Booth is now a little kid who visits parks and plays with Henry, I have a choice between rooting for Emma & Hook or Emma & Neal. And since Neal was turning on the supportive-I-believe-in-you charm tonight. He wins the romance card of the evening. Neamma forever!
  • Cliffhanger: OUR FAVOURITE PIRATE IS BACK IN BLACK. And the couple that nobody cares about is behind it . . .
  • Next Episode: More evil queen stuff, plus Captain Hook :)

Happy Monday!

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