Monday, April 29, 2013

OUAT: The Evil Queen

I'm not entirely sure why I haven't been digging the last two episodes of my favourite TV show. Maybe it's because I hate when seasons sacrifice story lines in order to build up for a grand season finale cliffhanger. Last year I felt like we had so much more to root for. Now, I'm not even sure what I'm rooting for. Okay, rant over. Because we all know that even the worst episode of Once Upon A Time is better than the best episode of numerous other TV shows. Let's talk "The Evil Queen."

  • Best Moment: Definitely Operation Praying Mantis. All season 2, Henry has been paired up with David and then Neal, so it was nice to see some mommy-son time again. I missed the good old days of stakeouts and investigating. If anyone can bring down Tamara and Greg, it will be Henry & Emma :)
  • Worst Moment: I really didn't care for the flashbacks at all. We already knew Regina was evil and mean and hated Snow. We already knew that Snow could fight and was good and conflicted over Regina. Still, it's always awesome to get another entry in the runway fashion that is Regina's wardrobe.
  • Catch-Up Moment: I didn't realize how much Hook has missed until Tamara started catching him up that Gold was still alive and Cora was dead. How long was he in that storage unit???
  • FairyTale Moment: David and MM spending their date night discussing what to do about Regina when they return to Happily Ever After. Oh the things I will never get the opportunity to discuss on a date . . . .
  • Funny Moment: Rumplestiltskin suggesting that Regina could only learn enough of the shapeshifting curse to give herself a new do. "Highlights maybe??"
  • Exposition Moment: Regina telling Henry her plan and then performing a forgetting spell on him.  Well at least we have the satisfaction of knowing he wouldn't go along with it given the choice. 
  • Plot Moment: Regina has the only remaining beans growing in her office. The field was torched. Poor MM and David and Emma and dwarves and Anton.
  • Superpower Moment: I liked how the reliability of Emma's "lying" superpower was totally addressed in this episode. Neither her mom nor her ex-boyfriend believed her. However, in this case, the superpower was actually working.
  • Family Moment: Neal + Emma + Henry living in a castle. Now that's a spinoff I'd watch. Or just make it a part of season 3.
  • Linked Moment: So did Rumplestiltskin bankrupt King George's land in order that "James" would have to fight King Midas's dragon and then die and then twin James would take his place?? AKA how much of those events were all planned out by the dark one??
  • Random Moment: Hello Maleficent. Once you're done shooting this episode, I hear they're casting extras for season 4 of The Walking Dead
  • Cute Moment: Emma showing Henry how to "hit the door" {which he sucked at BTW}. Even cuter when Neal replied that "I taught her that". 
  • Memory Moment: So was Snow talking about Red as her "stranger"??? Cause I made the same mistake as Regina. 
  • Mystery Moment: Still no idea why Greg is in Storybrooke but it's not to find his father. Also what is those two's fascination with science trumps magic. Tie in to the Frankenstein story???
  • Cliffhanger: Regina is magic-less and kidnapped.
  • Next Episode: Regina is tortured via electricity and the introduction to NEVERLAND!!!

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Julia Terpstra said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness! I totally have forgotten to Hulu these episodes... I really need to get back on track! Thank you, thank you for the recaps and reminder! I just love your writiing style; so glad I popped over for a visit this morning! xoxo jules from bles-id.blogspot