Friday, April 26, 2013


Dear Baby Sienna: I haven't held you in two weeks. This is unacceptable. Come back into my arms. Dear DIY planned for this weekend: Please go the way my head is imagining it. Dear Summer Break: So far, I've caught up on all my laundry, read books, and stayed out late with friends. You are awesome! Dear Month of May: I've got something special planned for you on this blog. Stay tuned on Tuesday for the reveal. Dear Construction Season: You are necessary, I understand. But when you insist on driving big noisy, beeping vehicles right outside my bedroom window it becomes a bit much. Dear Philippines: Wish I was going to visit you too. Dear Pool: This is shaping up to be a good summer relationship. Let's keep it that way! Dear Baby Zoe {lots of babies}: I'm excited to celebrate you and your family this Sunday! Dear Bloggy World: Happy Friday!

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