Friday, February 17, 2012

No. 190 - The House That Built Me

Today, I went up to our old house to help Dad clean out some leftover stuff. We've recently sold it, so this was a goodbye for me. It was extremely emotional, and the whole time I was walking around Miranda Lambert's song The House That Built Me was going through my head. Here are some pictures from my childhood home of 13 years.

Here is the view from behind our house. It was a beautiful place to grow up!

 Here is the fort Isaac and Crystal built in our forest.

 Here are our names written in our barn. This is when Isaac still was known as Jade. 

(Left) This is the tree I used to climb all the time. (Right) House number.

I am sad, but because of the memories, not because I'm leaving it behind. 
It was the best place ever to grow up, and I will never regret living here.