Friday, December 23, 2011

No. 135 - To Do List (before I die)

I was cleaning out my room today, and I found this bucket list. I think I originally started this when I was 16, and it's grown and been added to since then. Right now, there are 67 entries on my list. Some of them I have accomplished (22), while some are still out there for the taking (45). Some of them are ridiculous such as have bodyguards for a day, learn to skateboard (not happening), and drive a motorbike. Some are ambitious such as meet someone royal, walk a red carpet, and go to Africa. Some are romantic such as get married or be a grandmother. Some have been completed such as dye my hair with blue streaks, see "The Phantom of the Opera", rescue somebody, and be the voice of an animated character (haha). Anyways, just a nice bit of nostalgia for the day.